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  • What juice combinations does GingerVyne offer?
    GingerVyne offers 17 amazing flavors online: Ginger Pineapple, Caribbean Style Carrot Juice, Caribbean Style Irish Moss, Ginger Kiwi, Ginger Hibiscus, Ginger Lemonade, Ginger Passion, Ginger Beer, Ginger Strawberry, Ginger Cinnamon, Ginger Mango, Ginger Basil, Ginger Turmeric, Sorrel, Horchata, Ginger Tamarind, and Real Roots! Try them out here.
  • How many GingerVyne flavors come in a case?
    Each 12-pack case has one flavor of juice. Add more cases for variety and bulk order deals!
  • Is GingerVyne made with real ginger?
    YES! There is no substitute for the real deal -- GingerVyne mixes real, fresh pressed ginger in every bottle of juice.
  • How should I store my GingerVyne?
    For the best quality, GingerVyne should be refrigerated (not frozen) upon arrival. Each order is specially shipped in a climate-controlled box to maintain freshness and taste on its journey to you.
  • Can I use GingerVyne as a detox cleanser?
    No, but ginger has long been touted as a natural digestive aid (Food Science & Nutrition: “Ginger in gastrointestinal disorders: A systematic review of clinical trials”, November 2018).
  • Are there any added sugars?
    Yes, GingerVyne uses natural cane sugar in all juice flavors.
  • Can I use GingerVyne as a meal replacement?
    Meal replacement, no. Meal accompaniment, yes! Each 12 oz. serving is a low-calorie, refreshing addition to any balanced, healthy meal.
  • Where does my GingerVyne ship from?
    GingerVyne is handcrafted and shipped out every day from McDonough, Georgia -- that’s a town about 45 minutes outside of Atlanta!
  • How can I place an order of GingerVyne for delivery?
    Shop HERE, or call 678-977-7585 to place an order with the GingerVyne team.
  • Does GingerVyne ship outside of the U.S.?
    GingerVyne only ships within the 48 contiguous states. This allows us to maintain quick ship times to maintain quality and freshness during transit.
  • I live in Atlanta!  Can I pick up my order myself?
    GingerVyne maintains the highest standards of health and safety in its commercial facilities. As such, onsite pick up is not currently available.
  • Do I have to be home when my juice is delivered?
    You do not have to be home when GingerVyne is delivered. But please refrigerate as soon as you can to maintain quality and freshness.
  • How long will it take to get my GingerVyne?
    Shipping usually takes 1-3 days once we process your order.
  • Can I get a refund?
    We want to see our customers happy! If for any reason you would like to cancel your order, please contact GingerVyne at 470-781-5000 before receiving your shipment confirmation.
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